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Casidee Saechao

Hey Kalvin , I miss yoohh So bad . I Remember thee days when i get to visit you . I felt so happy when i saw you , but since now your gone I Cant think about anything but you . I wish you were just here right now , right next to me saying " Be Happy " . I cant Say anything , But i Love you . I will always Remember you as my Best Friend ... I Love you Kal (:

-Casidee ,


casidee saechao
Hi kalvin i miss you
im making a show of but we dont have it posted on the internet so ya
i am in sac rite now wit my cousin belle she said she misses u even u dont knoe her
so bye love you!hehehehe
casidee saechao
i am sry i mest up on the vidio go on and go on miley cyrus / i miss you
Arnann Phangdy
Where do I start? Gee, we made plenty of memories but not enough.. I don't know if words can explain it all.
Growing up was the time where we made the most memories. Like when we were 10, I always wished, "Why couldn't I be like my cousin? He is too cool." When I would visit you in Lompoc and we would hang out, walk around town going to the stores and getting food. One summer I visited and we were at Pam's house and you had a green scooter, oh how I wanted one so much. We were such young kids.. And so many random momment.. Fixing your myspace page.. And how you would just tell me the randomest things.. I always looked to you for advice but growing up it went the other way around. You would always ask me, "what should I do.." called me and just chat for hours. How you were mad at your dad or mad at your mom, I would just tell you, "don't worry, they do what they did because they love us." haha, sometimes I would be in class and you still called me. Gosh, there are so many memories... You were visiting me in San Diego and you came with me to the bbq at mission beach with all of the bikers and friends. We ate and hung out. I was cold and you came with me to just chill in the car, listening to music, chatting, and taking pictures. That was a fun day. And later that night you wanted my shoes so I gave them to you. The green nikes!
I think that same week we went to the movies with ucle Mahn and your mom, we watched teenage mutant ninja turtles. Mahn feel asleep, hah. And how you came to see my dad's house in Temecula and we ate at Pechanga buffet. You saw my room, hah, there wasn't much but you loved what was in my closet. I didn't wear that bape jacket much so I was like, "you like that jacket? You can have it if you want."
Your last time visitng San Diego.. Me, my mom and dad, took you and your mom to the airport. We just waited and talked about how fun Hawaii sounds. Then this old man come up to us speaking vietnamese and you were like, "huh?" hahaha, my dad started talking to him and you were like, "wow, I didn't know your dad speaks vietnamese." The man just asked if we had change for a dollar because he was going to use the payphone to make a call so he can get picked up from the airport.
7 o'clock came and you went on your way back home to San Jose..
I don't know, I will always think back and just smile to myself about all the good times. I wish I could just make a movie to share with the family. hah =]
I always think of ya and pray everyday. I know your in a better place watching over us. Love you and miss you Kalvin, my brother.
Jenny Saechao
Hi Kalvin. One of my favorite memories of you was when you came down to visit the family in Visalia. The CrankDat song (aka: the superman song) from Soulja Boys came on and I said "hey Kalvin, Casidee can do the dance to that song" and we were both trying to get Casidee to do the dance but she was too shy and didn't do it...but instead you started dancing to it and you did it so well!! I was soooo impressed because even though you were not feeling well you had the energy and spirit to do the dance. You were definitely a superman! You were smiling and you looked very happy which in turn made me also very happy. After seeing you dance I was teasing Casidee and told her she should battle with you and of course...she said "noooo." =) It was fun teasing Casidee and seeing you smile. Thanks for sharing that happy moment with me and for showing me the true meaning of a superman. I love you!! Keep dancing and having fun in Heaven!!!
casidee saechao

l love you kalvin

Shawn Saechao

Summer of 2004:


Went paintball with Kalvin it was fun and hot.  Kalvin's third time playing paintball he was pretty good.  Some of the pictures on the slides you might have noticed that there's a mark on his neck thinking that was a hickie huh... but that was not a hickie, it was a shot from playing paintball at close range in the summer of 2004.  For those of you who play paintball, you know how long the bruise will stay on.  Son I will cherish this memory forever.  I love you and miss you so much.  Please take care and I will see you later Kal.

Fergie Acosta

You’ve left me with many memories to look back on… but remember when Frederick, Iris, Josh, Karen, Nikki, and I came to San Jose probably around 12 am just so we all could watch the meteor shower? First we drove up that hill by your house, then to Milpitas to that park by your Uncle Michael & Geraldine’s apartment, and finally we all found a spot that was completely dark enough to watch it and it was Heron Bay in San Leandro. We all laid on the ground and shared blankets, it was so cold! But when we all looked up at the sky; it was like seeing many shooting stars go by, so I told you to make a wish. I think I knew what you wished for, and it was to get better…I wished for you to get better too…It was nice to spend that night with you under the stars…It was beautiful.

Or when we decided one day to drive down to Santa Cruz just to find a beach, and when we got there the sun was setting, and the sky was so beautiful. I enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying it with you. Or how on my Birthday you surprised me with a beautiful cake, then went out to eat with Shawn, Christine, and your mom, then later on that night we drove down to the Golden Gate Bridge and talked and enjoyed the view. That was the Best Birthday I’ve ever had…I could go on forever talking about my favorite memories with you, but it was always the crazy spontaneous moments that we created that make me smile. I’ll always remember you my love…

casidee saechao

i remeber that when you came to my house you camed and saved me in the pool and i came to your house and that was the last time i saw you and i still miss you evryday i see you in my head and i wish i saw you right next to me and i gave you a hug  and i will pray for you to come and watch us all of us and please watch grandma and grandpa because grandpa goes to work at nine and grandma is all alone.i remeber that you and me took a cute pictur and it was wonderful i will never forget that picture ever again


Shawn Saechao

Your memory that will last a life time. April 26, 2007 On this boat ride i was so sick that i couldn't even stand up but to just sit down for four solid hours.  I so was glad that you weren't sick on that boat ride and you were enjoying yourself.  They also had good hawaiian food, but i couldn't eat any because i didn't want to vomit.  Son, I will cherish this trip with you to Hawaii forever in my heart.  Not just the boat ride but the whole trip with you was the best vacation ever.  Your eighteen birthday is tomorrow and i will visit your resting place.


Love Dad

Melody Abarintos
Kalvin, even though we didn't have many memories I still remember each one so clearly. Like the first time we met. Or when you came to see me at the middle of the night with Mo. When I cut school to see youuuuu! Or when you came to visit me in SF. Man I miss you so much. I'll cherish every conversation we ever had and every moment we've spent together. Just know that there is never a moment when I don't think of you. I just wish that we could hang out once again. Someday we will. I know you're watching me from above and I know you're in good hands up there. I miss you.
Christine Saechao

Hi Kalvin,The memory I remember was at Great America on Mothers Day, It was a day for Couragous Kids held by the American Cancer Society. We went  with your uncles David and Au Finh, Darin, me and your dad.  We all went on some roller coaster ride, I can't remember the name.  Me and your dad got dizzy and stopped going on the rides. You were like "Ohhhh you feel sick".  And you just laughed at us.

  I remember how much fun you had, you love riding the roller coasters, you were so adventourous.  You had a lot of energy that day and it made me happy.

 Eventhough it seemed like your dad and I wasn't enjoying ourselves it was a joy for us to watch you have all the fun. I'll always remember your smile that day, you were so happy because you were hanging out with Darin.  You and Darin are so close. 

I'm sure there are better roller coasters up in heaven, available for you to ride anytime.  This is a memory that I will always cherish in my heart.


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