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Star Registry

International Star Registry is the world's first and foremost star naming service. Join hundreds of celebrity customers and clients who have named stars through our offices worldwide. 


By naming a star, you get an official certificate from our offices, a star chart for you to be able to locate your star with the help of a telescope, a letter of congratulations, and an explanatory booklet. The name you choose for the star will appear in a periodical published every 3 years, Your Place in the Cosmos. This book is copywrited in the United States.  The stars are chosen by the star registry. The coordinates of the stars are provided by NASA Hubble Guide. When you name a star, it is "out of the market" as it cannot be named again, in any other country. You can make a choice though. You can choose a constellation that is meaningful to you, and we'll name your star in that constellation.



The star you name will carry the name of your loved one forever!



International Star Registry has registered a star " Ursa Major" for Kalvin L. Saechao

Click on Gallery page and on the drop down Album select Star Registry to see his star.



For more information on how you can get yours click here.